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A Necessary Story

This short story is created to lower your stress level today.  Yes, you need to lower your stress level, I know it.  Just try to remember why vacation may be important.  Opinion or not, do your best to let go and imagine…

You awaken to the sounds of a distant mountain stream; a few birds singing a morning sonata seem to play in concert with the burbling of water.  A crisp, cool breeze crosses the room and you cozy yourself up under the light blanket for a few more moments of joy.  As you rise from the soft bed you notice the rays of light peeking through the curtains and illuminating a picture on the wall.  It’s a memory of good times of a hike up the side of the mountains with a packed lunch, just you, some binoculars and a small camera.

The memory flashes back and you can almost smell the recently blooming wildflowers that blanketed the side of the mountain that day.  The deep blue sky was perfectly balanced with white puffy clouds.  You can’t recall all the animals and objects you found floating in the heavens that day.  It was magnificent.  As you enjoyed a sip of water and a crisp red apple a hummingbird had stopped by to investigate your scene.  You couldn’t help but notice how alive the whole landscape was that day.  From the distant snow capped mountains to the few elk grazing in the valley, from the busy bees to the rustling pines you knew this was a day to remember.

As you settled back into your reality, and your feet touched the cool wooden floor you put on some day clothes.  The smell of freshly brewed coffee drew you into the kitchen, your favorite mug waiting nearby.  As you tasted the fresh morning drink you saw a family of deer just outside the window.  Once again, you couldn’t wait for yet another day, another memory to be formed…

May God bless you today!

Acknowledgements: Image: Liz Noffsinger / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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