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BP: To cap or not to cap

Well, I must say I’ve been happy that BP has turned the corner.  I do hope it stays that way, but something tells me it won’t.  With the new tighter fitting cap in place we have all heard by now that the oil has stopped flowing into the Gulf of Mexico.  But what does this really mean?  It means that BP is once again being dumb.

I’ll explain how this phenomenon of stupidity can continue.  I know you will see the light.  BP has capped the well and they are letting the pressure rise to see if there are going to be new leaks.  Let me say that again, they want to find out if THERE WILL BE NEW LEAKS.  This means that right now, there are no leaks of consequence other than the big one at the blowout preventer which is capped.  So, let the pressure build!  Why even attempt this dangerous and risky procedure?  There would be no way to stop another leak once started!  Searching for new leaks, in essence, is utterly dumb.

Here’s what I think they should do.  As an engineer it sure seems like a no brainer, but what do I know?  Hook those pipes up to the new cap and pump that oil & gas to the tankers.  Performing this procedure will relieve the well pressure and will greatly reduce the chance of a new leak forming.  All they have to do is keep things in check for another month.  As a bonus, they would be able to accurately calculate the oil flow rate from the well and thus know much more accurately just how much oil has spilled into the gulf.  Ah, I think that scares BP.

What if we knew exactly how much oil spilled into the gulf?  If we knew, then we could hold BP accountable for precisely what they allowed to occur.  It’s really a shame that politics can “seep” into this situation even more than it already has!  The latest excuse to not reattach the tankers is that they would have to spill more oil into the gulf for a few days to make it happen.  Um, I think the gulf wouldn’t notice!  Now, if a new leak started we would have oil spilling into the gulf for another month!  I don’t get it.  Maybe BP doesn’t realize that luck IS NOT on their side.

So far, BP has continued on the path of “all or nothing” strategies and they have mostly failed.  They should step back and take the safer path.  The catastrophe is as follows:

Leaks form deep in the well.  BP then opens the cap to relieve pressure.  Oil is flowing into the gulf again.  The new leaks allow even more oil to seep into the sea floor.  The relief well operation is put into jeopardy due to the new leaks.  They have to start drilling a new relief well.  Three hurricanes ravage the area.  BP decides to invest in solar energy.  The BP CEO denies they were ever in the oil business and they have always just wanted to help the little people.

Yes, the voice of reason has spoken.


2 Responses

  1. Hey buddy… I think it is still holding… but I like your idea.

  2. Yes, I’m very glad I was wrong (at least so far!).

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