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The Battle of the Bulge of Stupidity

As I recall my day of stuffing a hastily made ham sandwich into my mouth I started thinking about some key issues we all should think about right now!

First, we don’t spend any time preparing or planning for the food we are going to eat.  And we complain about being unhealthy and fat.

Second, we eat crap.  And we complain about being unhealthy and fat.

We need a plethora of services, yes, because we are unhealthy and fat.  More, and better healthcare, larger airplane seats (true), restrictions on rollercoaster’s due to the common potential for people to be too big (I witnessed an embarrassed man NOT be able to ride The Racer at King’s Island last week).  How much more evidence and how many more “wake up calls” do we need?

Are you one of those people like me that look at the BMI (Body Mass Index) and think it must be wrong?  Do you REALLY think you have THAT much muscle under all the fat?  Get real.  Here’s your wake up call.  Most of us think we are an anomaly, and we think we really AREN’T fat!  Funny huh?

Here’s a sure fire way to tell if you are fat.  Can you pinch an inch?  You remember this little rule of thumb from years ago, right?  Come on, can you?  Grab your belly, and if you can pinch an inch you are fat.  No need for BMI or body fat percent.  Now you know the truth.  All of America is so fat, that we think someone who is healthy is skinny (true).  I remember when I lost 30 pounds a few years ago people at first thought I was so skinny.  I could STILL pinch about 3 inches people!

So, I’ll get back to the top two issues.  If we don’t spend any time considering what we are going to eat and what the ramifications will be on our bodies, then we have nothing to complain about.  Period.  If we eat crap, our health and our bodies will BE crap.  Recall, “You are what you eat”.  If you eat fast food, then you will have a fast body – ha ha, that’s a joke to see if you’re still reading.

In summary, stop complaining and start preparing.  Eat real food a while and see if your body doesn’t start to think it isn’t so bad.  End the days of feeling bloated and having gas pain.  Eat a good breakfast, you know, a fried egg with some peppers, a small bowl of fruit and toast or an omelet.  Eat one steak or chicken laden salad a day; eat some whole grain bread, maybe a piece of fruit, some nuts and one scoop of ice cream.  Eat a small dinner.  See how ya feel.   You won’t be disappointed.  I’ve been there.  I don’t like being in the bulge of stupidity.  If we choose to NOT make food a priority we will continue to reside in the bulge of stupidity.


Image: Michelle Meiklejohn / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


2 Responses

  1. I read your blog while eating a leftover chicken queso burrito from Qdoba for breakfast. :-)

  2. Amen, sister!

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