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My Pet Peeves

Well, it’s time for my list of pet peeves to appear since many of you shared with me!  Hold on tight, it’s a wild ride.

Come on!  Complain about it!  I dare ya!

People who don’t use their turn signals, especially in traffic just blow me away.  My first thought is, “This person must be an extremely poor communicator!”  My second thought is, “Maybe their turn signal light is burnt out.”  Truly, the idea that it’s okay to NOT use the signal because you think no one else is near you is silly.  The idea is to warn drivers near you that you are changing lanes, etc.  It’s a safety thing so if you incorrectly THINK no one is around you, that unlucky person will have a fighting chance to notice that little flashing light and HONK at you.  Logic is so fun I could just hit you for THINKING no one is around you.  I’ve been honked at lots.

Next up we have people who ride their bikes on the wrong side of the road.  You know you learned all about this in grade school, right?  A bicycle is considered the same as a vehicle and it must follow all the same rules of the road as a car.  Bet you don’t remembered the three basic hand signals: left turn, right turn and coming to a stop.  So remember, don’t ride your bike against traffic!  It’s like playing chicken with a car and you know who wins that.  So, this whole riding a bike on the wrong side of the road thing; It bugs me, and it will get you killed.  The fact that it bugs me is WAY more important!  I really should honk at those crazy bikers that play chicken with me on the road.

It bugs me that people expect to live in pristine, show homes.  Yes, I LIVE in a home that looks like no one lives in it!  Not.  Many people have this innate need for order and that’s great!  I don’t have it and it bugs me when people expect me to have it.  I want to use my dining room table as a staging ground for my day’s activities and my week’s activities.  Things need to stay there so I know what I’m going to do.  I like leaving my clothes on the floor by my dresser since they are “slightly” dirty and I will wear them again.  Why would I want to put them in with the “clean” clothes?  Why would I want to wash them if they aren’t dirty (to me)?  I do the laundry and I hate waste…  Yep, perfect, clean show homes bug me.  LIVE IN IT!  Please don’t be offended, I clean up way more than I normally would because I LOVE my wife tons.  She knows this is a pet peeve of mine and we love to argue about it.

People who are scared of everything bug me.  Things like mosquitoes, kidnappers, sunburn, chemicals, RAID type bug spray, artificial sweeteners, seat belts, swimming, keeping doors unlocked while your home, vaccinations, stuff like that.  I do have my own problems, but really, Jesus told us to not worry about tomorrow because there are enough things to worry about today.  So true, so true, read that list again.  Problem is that life would be so much simpler if we just lived it instead of walking on egg shells about all the things that freak us out.  I’m not a big spider fan, so I kill them quick.  I whip out the bug spray too so I can inhibit them from even trying to come in the house.  Take that!  I will die of cancer, I’m sure.  I won’t know what caused it definitively.  I’m not going to freak out about potential cancer causing products because I drink Indianapolis water every day and I breathe Indy air every day.  If I get cancer, those two things will be the reason.  Again, don’t be offended, these are just MY PET PEEVES.  I still love you all (you know what I mean)!


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