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In a Huff about Nothing

As a Christian who writes an Opinion column I’ve finally been presented with a topic that bridges the gap between The Deliberate Ruminator and Spiritual Ruminations.

Yes, the obvious answer you all knew…  Stephen Hawking!

Hawking co-wrote the book “The Grand Design” with physicists Len Mlodinow in which they come up with the obvious conclusion that the universe can simply create itself from nothing.  They list reasons, taIk of the multi-verse and laws of science, but really…the zinger making news is that “God is no longer necessary.”  Unfortunately, I can’t comment too deeply since I have not read the entire book yet, but I find it intriguing that on the religion front I follow a few blogs that debate ideas like:

  1. Can nothing create something?
  2.  If there is a creation, wasn’t there a Creator?

So, after years of reading about how Atheists vehemently deny that they think “nothing” created “everything”, to hear Stephen Hawking throw this conclusion in their faces is, to say the least, refreshing.  Yes, Atheists now have a grand debate amongst themselves.  Yes, yes, I know not every Atheist “thinks” the same thing, but now they have a leading mind in their midst that they must contend with regarding this debate.  Did “nothing” or “something” create the universe?

I wonder what all those Atheists who looked up to Hawking will say now.  “I was wrong?  I guess I DO believe that nothing created everything.” ??

I believe in the triune God, one being represented in three persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  I believe He was the Creator.  The proof for me is how my life immediately changed upon my belief.  These life experiences ARE tangible and real.  On the other hand, believing in aliens because of simple statistics is showing far more faith.  Believing that nothing CAN create something IS maybe a little on the crazy side, really.  Can we honestly sit back and say,

“Well, I just don’t get it.  Hawking says this and that and really believes that this “grand design” just spontaneously happened into existence.  I don’t understand that, so, hmmmm, well, I guess he’s just a lot smarter than me, so I’ll buy it.”

Don’t get sucked into thinking Hawking is so smart that “nothing creating something” actually makes sense.  It does not.  “Goddidit” looks so appealing as an argument now.  Don’t get into a huff about it.


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