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At the movies with Jeff

Ah, a night out at the movies!  Some popcorn, a warm seat and the latest in technological wonders on the big screen.  Of course, we get the 1.2 billion previews, the location of the fire exits, warnings about crying children and the demand to set your phones to no light and no sound.

Do we really need all these reminders?  Well, I guess we could have a few first time moviegoers in the audience that need to hear all the “rules”, so I’ll give them that.  Really, this isn’t my problem.  My problem is the apparent inability of people to be able to put down their stupid phones for 2 hours.  You aren’t that important!

I’m watching the latest Narnia flick and right in front of me is some young lady who needs to have a text conversation with someone during most of the movie.  Funny thing is she most likely paid to be in the theater in order to miss half of the movie having a conversation that could have been completed in less than 2 minutes using her voice before or after the movie.  Texting has it’s place, but not in the movies, in a DARK movie.  Remember that no light and no sound rule?  Ridiculous.  You are not that important!

If you think I’m unrealistic, then consider that most people don’t have a ton of money to head out and blow $10-$40+ on a movie all the time.  Could this movie have been a very special occasion in which these moviegoers had to now deal with the light from your stupid phone?  Yes, all the people behind you can see it.  You cannot hide it.  Try turning a flashlight on in your room in the dark and hide it.  If you are desiring only one source of light that should be drawing your attention, then the other light that’s not on the main screen is going to draw your eyes and IS quite annoying.  Please memorize this mantra…You are not that important!

People, be courteous, have half a brain and turn off the stupid phone.  The world will wait a couple hours for your response.  Try it sometime.  It’s quite a freeing experience to no longer be at the beck and call of your “Smart” phone.  You are the one who is supposed to be smart, do not be a Stupid person who owns a Smartphone.

Oh, and enjoy the movie!  [now that you can actually watch it]

P.S. I bet you took a look at that image of bright light more than a few times while reading this….quite distracting.


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