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The Political Game

“With great power comes great responsibility” – Various

I like the version Jesus uses in Luke 12:48, but in the end the idea is the same.  If we have a lot more than someone else, is there not some type of expectation or moral obligation to help?  The question is “Of what does this help consist?”

As the most powerful and, arguably, richest nation in the world, we have resources and technology that are unsurpassed on many levels.  Do we toss thisaside in the light of some ill timed words we spoke in the past?  I’m speaking of President Obama and his assessment of his predecessor, President G.W. Bush.  I will paraphrase since much of this rhetoric is public knowledge and has been beaten to death.  Obama contends that we overstepped our bounds in Iraq, we didn’t have a clear mission, we aren’t the world’s police etc.  Yes, with the current situation in Libya, it seems Obama has traveled the road of a turncoat.  It is the correct road though.  The problem is that Obama has already created a political precedent that is hindering his decisions.

In Libya, the President Obama has jumped in and apparently saved the day.  This time the actions were done without congressional approval and Obama is in a bind.  At least G.W. Bush went through the proper channels (as did Clinton RE Kosovo).  Now, Libya is a much smaller campaign than Iraq, yet it is still a campaign.  I listened to President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton speak out of both sides of their mouth the last few weeks.  Yes, they added to their 2008 ramblings against Bush with waffling comments about Gaddafi.  Now it comes down to: To get rid of Gaddafi or to not get rid of Gaddafi, that is the question.  Where’s Joe Biden when you need him?  What is our mission?  Why are we in Libya again?  What?  That’s not what you said yesterday, nor the day before!  To use the power we have been blessed with, he just might have to eat his pre-election words (yet again).  In the end, I feel helping Libya is the right thing to do so I hope he figures it out!

I am reading now that we are destined to fall back and let NATO take control of the “mission”.  For those of you that feel this action is good, think about it.  It’s a joke.  Come on!  The USA is pretty much the backbone of NATO!!!  We run the show.  We are stepping back on paper only!  We will still be using our planes, our technology, our intelligence and our commanders (for the most part).  Don’t be fooled.  It’s still our responsibility for good or bad.  Not only should the USA be leading this venture, we are the only ones who CAN lead this venture.  To my delight, Obama’s failure to make a decision and stick with it will end up being his political downfall.  At least Bush never wavered and always stuck to his mission statement, no matter how the plan may have initially failed.

President Obama is having to make BAD decisions in order to not look like a heel.  His strong language in the past speaking out against Bush’s actions is coming back to bite him.  He can’t do what he needs to do for fear of political and personal embarrassment.  Too bad, even kids can see the hypocrisy.  Where is Obama’s plan for Libya?  He sure was in a huff about Bush not having a so called plan!  Where was Congress in all of this?  Obama sure was in a huff about Bush’s “lies” to Congress and yet Obama just ignores Congress all together!  Hmmm.  Somebody is having a bad day.  Hey, where’s the EXIT STRATEGY?

At least we now know he DOESN’T want to take down Gaddafi or at least that is what his latest headline reads.  Talk about a flip-flopper.  Oh wait, he does want to take down Gaddafi, just not militarily…Obama needs to quit playing the political game and get serious about using the resources the USA has been blessed with to use.  He needs to stand up tall instead of cower to political fear.  He is the President of the United States of America.  Yes, THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  He needs to watch Spiderman or reread the Gospel of Luke and be reminded, “With great power comes great responsibility.”  Politics needs to be shoved under the table, that game is worthless here.


Image: africa / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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