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Two Minute Bible Study: Vol. 1, Issue 2

Ezekiel, Manure & Questioning God:

Ezekiel, Ezekiel, where shall we find another prophet willing to go through what you went through?  Ezekiel definitely had a unique ministry.  In Ezekiel 3:16 – 5:17 I found two good points to write a quick study about.

1. Warn the lost

2. Question God (if you are willing)

Warn the lost means we are to do just that, “Hey, you got Jesus?!  If not, you are heading in the wrong direction!”…  Ezzy (my affectionate name for Ezekiel) is given the words to speak and they entail, “WARN THE LOST, IF NOT, THEN THEIR BLOOD IS ON YOUR HANDS TOO!”  Now, we must recall this directive is during the time of the Old covenant with God, before Jesus’ time.  BUT… it’s still a relevant teaching, after all, if you call yourself a Christian, then our directive is to “go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” (Matt 28:19 NIV)  Yes, in essence, get your rear in gear, and work on the hearts of the lost!

Ezzy also details to us that we are to warn a righteous man before he does something unrighteous.  I would like to warn myself more often, but, alas, I tend to be deaf to my own screams!  Of note, if you fail to warn this man, he will die for his sin and ALL of his good deeds will be forgotten.  Boy, doesn’t that hit the nail on the head!  I’m thinking of OJ Simpson, MANY politicians, etc.  People mess up big, and their past doesn’t matter any longer it seems.

Now, Question God…. you may be thinking I have a screw loose…. I’M NOT SAYING QUESTION GOD ABOUT EVERYTHING!  Here is why I say this….  Yes, Ezzy did it.  I love passing the buck (not really but it sounded funny to say that).  In Ezekiel 4:12+ God has told Ezzy to bake his bread using “human excrement”, ahhhh gross, man.  If God told me to do that, and I was glowing like Moses and on a spiritual high after talking with the big man himself… I would say, SURE!  But NOT Ezzy, oh no, he goes nuts talking about how he has never eaten anything impure, unclean or smelling like poop (I added that last one).  Yep, he back talked to God in a way I suppose, but he was heard!  God noted his passion for the LAW (God’s law by the way) and allowed Ezzy to use cow manure instead.  That sure helped I’m sure.

Was it a test?  I think so…. but who knows!  Either way, I thought it was interesting.  If you ever feel God is calling you to do something that may not be quite right (like burn down an abortion clinic, or beat up an atheist), MAYBE you should question it a bit!  No harm in that, right!  I AM being a bit facetious, if you know me I have my moments of insanity.  One other moment of insanity may have been expecting you to have read this in two minutes.

Acknowledgements: Image: Danilo Rizzuti / FreeDigitalPhotos.net Image: Tim Beach / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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