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Debt, Debt, we all scream for Debt

As I head off to teach a class on Simplicity, I think of my crazy week of dealing with a credit card disputed charge, insurance for a roof replacement, a seven year old, duties associated with Cub Scouts, and many other little life issues.  Then, I read about the USA debt situation, yet again.

It’s the news of the day, isn’t it?  Debt.  We need the okay to go into more debt.  Does this seem odd at all?

First, I want to clarify that as a family the only debt we have is on our home.  We pay off our credit cards on time, we paid off our cars and that’s it.  No real debt.  Quite frankly, I would probably be insane dealing with life in general if I also had to deal with a lot of debt.  On that note, most Americans are in severe debt!  Hence, I think many Americans are probably slowly going insane.  What’s my proof?

Let’s look at the US government!  Ya know, if they hadn’t gone into huge debt in the first place, they wouldn’t have these problems, period!  Debt is bad.  We must live within our means.  That’s to say, don’t spend more than you make.  DUH!  They are nuts.

I think maybe we messed up whenever we shifted from paying in cash to using credit.  Used smartly credit can be a good thing.  I’ve eaten many a free meal, flown in some planes and stayed at some 5 star hotels for free all because I was willing to use a credit card.  The key was that I paid it off and have only paid what I actually spent with no interest charges.  I admit I’ve messed up and had a late payment or two, but that was simply because I’m not perfect and I forgot to pay on time!  I’m a guy after all.  Automatic payments have since eliminated that problem!  In the end, cash is the best way to go if you’ve struggled with debt!

I can’t say the same for the US government.  Spend within your means.  Save up for what you want to buy.  These are foreign concepts to our government nowadays.  It sets a horrendously bad example.  Think about this scenario.  I want to go to war.  I don’t have enough money.  So what!  I want to build a new fighter jet.  I don’t have enough money!  So what?  I want to pay for everyone’s healthcare.  I don’t have enough money!  So what?  NOW, replace those items with something from your life…  I want to put in a security system and hire a body guard.  I don’t have enough money!  So what?  I want to buy a new car.  I don’t have enough money!  So what?  I want to buy everyone in the restaurant dinner.  I don’t have enough money!  So what?

Would you really say, SO WHAT?  If not, then why in the world is it acceptable for the US government to say it?  Our debt problem has sunk this country.  It’s not imminent, it has already happened.  We are in a heap of trouble.

Our government is supposed to be “For the people and by the people”.  So what?

Do we really accept that?  Really?

All I know is that I will never again finance anything.  Once the house is paid off, the plan is to pay cash.  The good book is right in saying: “…the borrower is servant to the lender. ” (Prov 22:7 NIV)

Think about that.

P.S.  I love this country.  I can write how I feel and not live in fear.  I care deeply about this country and this whole debt issue has me very concerned.


Image: renjith krishnan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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