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School Lunch Standards, what?

Congress fighting the proposed healthier school lunch standards to save money is very shortsighted and typical of a government who cannot see the big picture.  What is so difficult to understand? Unhealthy lunches have contributed to childhood obesity.  Healthcare costs for children will only increase and we know how cheap healthcare is today!  Oh, but wait, we want the government to help cover our healthcare.  Let’s think about this paradox.  The government wants to save money by continuing to feed unhealthy food to our kids AND the government wants to SPEND money to help pay for their healthcare.  Do you see a losing battle here? Ridiculous.  Let’s just burn money.

Here’s want needs done.

First, we need to permanently declassify tomato paste/sauce as a vegetable.  It’s a fruit, right?  Cheese pizza has no vegetables on it!  Second, we need to immediately adopt the higher school lunch standards which include the increased use of whole grains, fresh veggies, etc.
To pay for this perceived increased cost, buy in bulk and do the Wal-Mart thing.  Negotiate the price that you want. It’s simple economics…AND, best of all, once this program is in place healthy food prices will start to drop!  Again, it’s economics 101.  If people want to buy it, then they will buy it at the lowest cost available.  Companies will want their business, thus they will work to reduce costs.  Hopefully, we will then soon see processed, artificially enriched, no nutritional value food prices increase! (I’m not holding my breath)
Finally, here’s the diamond in the rough.  In ten years we can look back and see just how much money we have saved on healthcare.  We will potentially see much healthier kids actually running around instead of rolling around.  I can’t believe the number of little kids I see every day that are simple morbidly fat.  We can do better and it’s not that difficult to understand.


Image: David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


One Response

  1. Healthy school lunches should be such a slam dunk I can’t even believe it’s being debated. Some people just can’t seem to past the immediate financial savings. That’s a real shame.

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