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Solo Chess

You know what?  It’s frankly a lot easier to do life on your own.  You don’t have to worry about anyone else’s needs.  No issues with what color to paint a room.  Backseat (or front seat) drivers are a thing of the past.  Where to eat out tonight?  Who likes THAT discussion?  Just go where you want!

After saying all that (and I didn’t even mention selecting a TV show or a movie to watch) I want to set the record straight.  If you choose to live alone, with minimal interaction with other people you are missing out on real life.  You see, everything I listed is related to either convenience or selfishness.  Who in the world ever said life was supposed to be convenient?  I think convenience has ruined our society in many ways.  I won’t go into that subject too deeply now, but think about it.

In our society interactions with people are minimized.  Think of banks.  They REALLY dislike having to deal with you in person or live on a phone.  The texting phenomenon, no matter how convenient, has arguably destroyed the idea of an intimate conversation.  I used the convenient word again, didn’t I?

I challenge the idea that we are better off not having to talk to people.  Order a pizza online or actually talk to a real person on the phone?  Do you know what you miss?  You miss the opportunity to say, THANKS…the opportunity to hear a voice that is burdened or stressed and then doing something about it…like saying a simple word of encouragement.

If you see your neighbor outside, do you rush to also go out to be able to say Hi, or do you slow down hoping they don’t see you?  Why?  What happened to meeting at the mailbox for a quick update on the family or some sociable small talk?

Do you bolt out of church at the end of service to avoid conversation?  To get to lunch faster?  Why?  Really?  Your stomach is more important than a relationship?  Waiting in a line of cars for an extra five minutes is really that big of a deal?  Really?

How about your relationship with God?  Can’t text Him, so no relationship exists, right?  As we eliminate doing life with others, we naturally push God away too!  In the Christian faith, it’s all about a relationship with Jesus Christ.  If we can’t even have a solid, meaningful relationship with a family member or a neighbor, then how do we expect to build one with the Son of God?  Really?  Are you thinking about this yet?  The Bible says that we are the Church.  Every believer is a part of the Body of Believers.  We are all different parts of the body!  What’s an ear to do all alone?

Yes, doing certain things in life alone may be more convenient, even easier, but in the end we need to practice dong life with those around us!  You will be more fulfilled.  We will find joy and you will learn interesting things about the people around you.  You might even learn about why all these “strangers” have those weird habits that gnaw at you.  Best of all, you may even learn to meet Jesus and talk to him.  You may better hear the Holy Spirit speaking into your life.  Or, you can just go on doing it all alone.

One final thought.  If we are supposed to do life alone, why in the world are we all so freaking mad when we can’t talk to a live person on the phone when we need help?  Hmmm, got ya…


3 Responses

  1. I once saw a cartoon that had individual small islands… each with a cross at the center and a man holding that cross… looking out across the see at the other islands with crosses. Kind of put into perspective non-assembly.

    • Yes, lack of fellowship is a great burden in and of itself. We’ve been in a 6-month period where our Life Group has not met as we desire and it’s amazing how it has negatively affected our lives.

  2. Great post Jeff! I agree, even though I do some of the stuff on this post – although I’ve acknowledged it and trying to take life slower and not rushing through it. It’s the one reason I like to go grab a cup of coffee or purchase an item at a local retail store rather than online, it’s great conversing with people. Whether it’s a good experience or bad experience face-to-face, there’s a story to tell – online, if you try purchasing something there’s not much of a story. Thanks for the insight and pointing out things I hadn’t even realized I was doing, great motivation for the upcoming week!

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