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Obvious (Hey, I’m back!)

[With the load of Cub Scout leadership off my table, hopefully this will get me back to a more regular blog post schedule!  I had 10 minutes and here’s what you get…]

The many things in my life that I have missed in the past and now understand, often to the point of having a “Duh moment”, is incredible.  Duh!  Hey this topic is way more than basic education and realizing the wonderful relationships hidden within mathematics.  Way more than  the quick realization that wearing a seatbelt IS a GOOD idea while you are airborne in a car in an ongoing accident.  So, what now?

I have a fragment of science background being a mechanical engineer and have often meditated (for lack of a better word) on the idea out there that we as humans are actually “getting better”, “evolving into something better”.  This idea is so often completely misunderstood.  Sure, humans could seemingly improve on themselves over time, generation to generation for reasons like:https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS1lcYYrLf8q9sVIPApaxb9QVz5CXISnKo0gt65hB_o7TXr2EVU

1)      Vitamins

2)      Eating antibiotic filled meat

3)      Not having a back breaking life

These things can lead to better overall growth, appearance and extended life.  BUT…are we getting better, OR are we simply just taking advantage of what is already available in our genetic code?

Doesn’t genetic code get diluted over time?  Think this through…Can a family that has bred out the gene for blonde hair have a blonde haired child?  Nope, and bleach doesn’t count!  How can blonde be reintroduced?  Simply marry a blonde and have a kid!  Now the gene “may” be available in future generations until it again is bred out.  Same principle applies to our overall genetic code.  We lose information over time, we duplicate genes, and we duplicate bad genes and mutated genes.  It’s no surprise we seem to have more cancer and genetically born diseases today.  It’s simple.  We are not getting better.  Our genetic code is slowly degrading.  We are losing information just like a small group of animals stuck on a deserted island.  That’s what happens.

Hey, vitamins can maybe make us live a bit longer or make us look healthier, but in the end the battle is with our genes.  It’s a losing battle, and it’s obvious.  Of course, if God were to create a new batch of humans who have that original untouched and perfect gene code, then we could gain back some of those wonderful traits through procreating and adding these genes back into the worldwide gene pool!  Yes, it’s obvious, but all too often ignored.

In the end, the best and only source for fixing our messed up bodies is through Jesus Christ.  Seek him out!  Just as our bodies are in a losing genetic battle, or souls are in a losing battle to sin.


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