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Banning Guns?

Shame on Starbucks! Of course they can create whatever policies they wish, but shame on them for their lack of foresight.  Shame on all these gun control groups out there claiming this is a victory.  How?

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, please look up Starbucks’ reported decision to ban guns on their premises.  What in the world?  Oh wait.  Let’s see how this will work.


Criminal:  I was heading to Starbucks to shoot up the place, steal some cash and hopefully blow holes in several people.

Newspaper article: You can’t bring guns to Starbucks anymore,

Criminal:  X&%!$, dang it, are you kidding me?  That just ruins my plans for today.

Gun Controllites: YES!!  Look, see how this saved lives!!!

If you half a brain you see that this scenario would never play out.  You have common sense and know that a criminal will ignore any and all laws in order to do what he/she wishes to do.  What this stance by Starbucks shows me is just how close we are to the silly but entertaining movie Demolition Man (1993).

Jump into the future where police only have stun sticks and everyone and everything is supposedly “peaceful”.  Throw in a thawed out cryofrozen criminal from the past and see just how inept the police of the future are with their stun sticks and lack of battle skills.  Oh my, what to do?  Unfreeze a police officer from the past of course!  As the movie future police officers exclaim…We must find a way to fight this type of criminal with the same methods that he is using!  This is from Hollywood I remind you.  What a great movie to review when considering the “let’s ban guns everywhere” notion.  Do we really think we will be a perfect peaceful society?  Remember, it only takes one nut to ruin the day.  One nut in a room of peaceful gun lacking coffee drinkers would be quite ugly and a waste of good coffee.


If you are in Starbucks and a nut job comes in and wields a gun, let me know if you would be upset when a law abiding citizen pulls his legal gun and drops the criminal to the floor.  That’s what Starbucks is banning.


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