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Horses and Pace Cars

Well, there comes a time when you can truly enjoy the perks of a great city.  For many years Indianapolis has teetered on the edge of having GREAT sports teams only to see something like “The Brawl” occur and dash our hopes.  In 2013 we city folk didn’t have our hopes set too high on our Colts NFL team, and we had reasonable expectations for our Pacers NBA team.  So, how’s it going?pacers colts

So far the Pacers are having a historic start to their season and it looks like the bench upgrade is paying off.  The Colts have also started off strong, showing great resilience and strong effort too.

The Pacers are 9-0 at this point and that’s not a guarantee of ANYTHING in the NBA, but it does seem to bode well for their future as most teams that start like this do make the playoffs.  Here in Indy we like to boast that the Pacers were built from the ground up and nurtured into a contender; they were not bought like the Heat or Nets.  Just like our office leader, Larry Bird, we work hard to get results.  Bird’s Celtics of the 80’s were built up piece by piece and that’s history.  The Pacer’s seem to fit that same mold.  Hibbert, the block machine, and Paul George, the do everything player, are BIG TIME now.  Lance Stephenson is quite possibly THE story of a player who has improved and turned around his play over the last two years.  David West and George Hill are solid floor leaders period!  I can’t wait to see how they all continue to grow.

Looking at the Colts at 7-3, they have almost assured themselves of making the payoffs and their style of play is incredibly exciting.  Although it’s maybe not the wisest idea to always play the first half poorly and then make a superhero like comeback to win (see St. Louis game to understand the dangers) it is entertaining nonetheless.  Andrew Luck is the real deal and will only get better.  The Colts need a more stable O-line and they need to put Donald Brown in the #1 rusher spot in my opinion.  Trent Richardson could be a better wide receiver in my humble opinion.  We need one with the loss of Reggie Wayne.  Other than that, they are doing well and could surprise a lot of teams in the playoffs.  Just consider, this season they have defeated the big three: Denver, Seattle and San Francisco.  We’ll see how they handle Kansas City a little later.

Sports in Indianapolis are a major deal and we love it!  I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.  I think we have a legitimate chance in the coming 3 years to have both NBA and NFL champions in the same city!

Go Colts!  Go Pacers!


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