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Tree63fan comes from the band named Tree63The Deliberate Ruminator is just a fun combination of big words.  Now DSCF4403-cropabout me, living in Indianapolis, Indiana I love to dive into tough biblical subjects as well as rattle off my views and personal insights about various topics both Christian and secular.  I’m a stay-at-home dad currently raising my son.  I’m also a part time Class Facilitator helping those seeking to learn more about Computers and various Computer programs.

Let me know where you’re from!
The Deliberate Ruminator

By the way, can you pass this test?  Click here


8 Responses

  1. I added you to my list of favorite blogs, I hope you like mine well enough to add me as well. I especially liked your thoughts on what happened to Job?

  2. Wow your right up the road from me. I live down in Clark Co.

  3. I’m writing from wonderfully cold Lemgo, Germany. w00t.

  4. I just went through your test… I agree with it 99%. I am not a subscriber to the “eternal” hell bit, though. I believe that nobody is in hell right now but that the unrepentant sinner will be sent there to toment for a finite time until extinguished.

    • Yes, I haven’t dove into the “when” part of heaven and hell, but I do know that scripture points more toward hell happening after the judgment. There is the NT scripture about the man that is already in hell begging to tell his family to repent though…The only piece that makes any debate never 100% is that God is outside of time and we cannot know how that works 100%. When we die, do we leave this “bubble” of time….it’s quite the paradox if you start thinking about it deeply….People who died 1000 years ago could arrive outside of our time at the same moment someone dies today and even tomorrow. It’s one of those human issues where we have a hard time letting go of our own perceptions and need to be aware God is not constrained to his creation.

  5. Hey buddy… change my link on your blog review… I am at http://ketchasketch.wordpress.com. God bless.

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