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Prayer Place

prayerFeel free to add your own prayer requests:

Everyday prayer:

-Pray for families affected by violence and disaster, notably, in Japan, Afghanistan,  and elsewhere

-Pray for anyone that has LESS than you have

-Pray for all world leaders to have Godly wisdom and decision making

-Pray for those who don’t know Jesus or don’t understand the need for a Savior due to sin.

-Pray for those who have difficulty understanding Christianity due to culture, lack of teaching or past disappointments.


32 Responses

  1. Please pray for a missionary family whose 2 year old, Gabriel, has been flown back to Canada with family in order to treat a large cancerous tumor on his liver that has spread to his lungs. Mom is pregnant at this time as well.
    -Update 2/10 The cancer is very treatable and a chemo plan is in place!

    • Gabriel started Chemo back in mid-Feb, his CT and bone scans were clean so the cancer had not spread as far as they can tell!

    • His tumor has shrunk and he was able to handle a 3rd round of Chemo – answered prayers!

    • Gabriel is having surgery very soon. I don’t have details.

    • Straight out of an email.
      Gabriel’s planned surgery on April 29 or 30. Right now the plan is to remove the gall bladder, 20% of the liver (possibly more), and the small tumour in the lung. Please pray that it will not be necessary to remove a kidney or part of the large intestine.
      His mom and Gabe have colds so this could complicate the surgery. His mom is pregnant.

    • –From Email–
      Today little Gabriel Thiessen (2 ½ ) has his major surgery to remove the
      cancer. It isn’t known how much will have to be removed until they begin
      the surgery. The best case scenario is to remove 25% of the liver. If
      the cancer has metastasized into other organs, which it seems it has, then
      the surgery could involve removing up to 50% of the liver, the
      gallbladder, some intestines, and part of a lung.
      Would you PRAY fervently for:

      1. God’s complete healing and His will for Gabriel
      2. Gabriel to have perfect peace and strength through this surgery
      3. That the cancer is less than expected, thus less cancer to be
      4. God’s guidance to the surgeons giving them abilities beyond their
      own means
      5. That the entire Thiessen family be surrounded by prayer today
      6. That Mike, Sarah and brother Simon (5) will feel the very
      presence of God, lifted up by prayer warriors all around the world
      7. Gabriel to have 100% healing and can live cancer free.
      8. That The Lord be praised and honored this day

    • Email Update! Praise God!

      Gabriel came through his surgery well. The tumor was not attached to any
      other organ. They did remove his gall bladder as a precaution, but they
      mentioned they would do this pre-surgery. Also they took a bit of the
      covering of his large intestine that the tumor was resting against as a
      precaution too. They were able to remove the tumor on his lung. They had
      to take about 25% of his liver which is actually quite good. He did
      require a unit of blood during the surgery. The Doctor’s felt it all went
      well and had a good look around and could not see any other signs of
      cancer. Gabe will starts chemo in about a month to make sure all the
      cancer is eradicated. He is now in ICU for a couple of days.

    • Update from email…
      Hello all. This is just a short update about Gabriel. We are home from the
      hospital now after his fourth round of chemo. He is doing well. Our first
      day was a long day of pokes and waiting. Gabriel did very well.

      Gabriel’s alpha-feto count is 32, which is amazing. That’s why the journey
      is good. Gabriel is doing really well.

      However, the journey is still long.

    • Email Update:
      I am happy to report that Gabriel’s alpha-feto protien count is 4. It was
      900,000 when we arrived at Sick Kids. Now it is 4! This is right in the
      middle of a normal person’s range. This is a great sign that the cancer
      has been removed completely from Gabe’s body.

      We still have one more round of chemo therapy to complete at the end of
      July. This will be the end of our treatment protecol. If all stays calm
      until then, Lord willing, we will enter the maintenance phase of Gabriel’s
      treatment in August.

      As I think about the past month, with all of the mixed news, some good,
      some terrible, dealing with gain and loss, life and death, healing and
      sickness, I have been reminded that there isn’t anything more important
      than the good news of Jesus. Jesus offers forgiveness for all our
      failures. Jesus offers life after death. Jesus offers an eternal future.
      This really is good news. We mourn differently. We look ahead to a life
      and death with hope.

    • Latest Update from email:

      I apologies for not reporting to you earlier.

      Gabriel is in what is called, as the “recovery mode”.

      We got the results of his last blood test last week and his blood cell counts are satisfactory and improving. His alpha feto protein count is down to 3.5, remember that 0 – 10 is healthy. We are so great full for Jesus’ blessing.

      He will have more tests in Nov. in Orillia and in Dec he goes to Sick Kids for more detailed tests to see if he is still clear of cancer.

      If the results are satisfactory in Dec. he will be scheduled to have his port removed.

      His hair is starting to return. It is like peach fuzz now. Since it is blonde it is hard to see.

      Thank you for your prayers and loving concern for us during our journey this year with Gabriel. Simon is enjoying grade 1 and Maylah is 4 MOS old and jabbering away and giving us lots of smiles and cuddles.

      We so appreciate you and thank our Lord Jesus for you.

    • Last Update:

      11/18/2009 1:05:18 PM by Michael
      Based on our November tests, Gabriel remains cancer free!

      It is great! Gabriel is returning to be a normal three year old boy who
      plays with his brother and sister, loves animals, and has hair.

      Over the next year, we will watch Gabriel closely. He will be tested about
      every two months. He will continue to have blood tests, hearing tests,
      heart tests, and kidney tests. As well, he still has to have his port
      removed. This will probably happen early in the new year.

    • Just got a another update – Gabriel is doing well and just got his port taken out!

  2. Praises for a friend whose daughter Anna was ill, but the diagnosis finally got this young teen feeling much better after a couple weeks of severe pain!

  3. Pray for the husbands that have lost their jobs due to being laid off. Pray that these times will draw them to Jesus Christ.

  4. A close friend is having some family struggles. Please pray for strength to lead and for clear guidance. Pray for protection from evil.

  5. Praises that my back is doing better!

  6. i just want to say how reading this web side has made me feel….it’s just passed 1am and i get insomnia so i went on the internet and found this! i will pray for every person that has posted a message on this site,it’s lovely readiing all this site whilst listening to premier………WHAT A FEELING we are saved!!!
    if any one could pray for my husband mark as he is not saved and it is difficult for him as my 4 children worry about daddy going to hell……….i have faith in the lord but the power of prayer is amazing……i do hope gabriel is doing well x marie

    • Thanks Marie, always glad to lift others in prayer! Last update Gabriel is awaiting his final round of Chemo and things were looking good! Praises!

  7. Catrina’s Uncle Doug (Catrina was the saleslady who helped with my new HVAC system) just had a 10+ lbs tumor removed from his stomach which was cancerous and has apparently metastasized. He is married with an 8 & 13 year old. Please pray this cancer is treatable and for peace and strength for the family. Doug is 46.

  8. My family needs prayers as we dive into evaluating our life roles, work and financial details. Some sort of change is needed. God is good.

  9. My left knee patella tendon is on the fritz….I just can’t seem to stop playing basketball!!!!! I need prayers to be smart.

    • My body is feeling well now after a month of rest. I’m able to jog pain free. Praise Jesus! I’m considering getting back into basketball again and see what my legs can handle!

  10. Is your small town the same as mine? Praise God He looks after our little town in the midst of the huge world He created! Just yesterday I was listening to several of our townpeople who have great dispare in this failing economy. Some have lost everything and still need to feed thier families. Others have monitary means to provide but have major health worries. One man no job and a family of 4 children, another retired gentelman who’s son was in a accident and may die before his father. Such people need to turn to Christ and have no idea who He is. Please pray for our little town as we will be praying for yours.

  11. what is the latest update on Gabriel?

  12. Several to list:
    -A friend’s shoulder pain gets corrected and healed.
    -A friend’s marriage strengthens and his job stress is wiped away
    -Several friends’ struggles with life balance
    -A friend’s struggle with roles in the household and negative feelings about his wife holding a technically higher position than him.
    -My struggles with selfishness, which leads to anger and distancing myself from my wife at times.
    -Pray we just put God first in all that we plan, and let God be a part, THE MAIN PART, of all that we plan to do. Don’t ask God about stuff after the fact, ask Him before you even do it.

  13. I continue to have little nagging issues with my legs. Now my left foot is still acting up and hurting after walking, running or playing sports for a little while. I’m gaining weight….I really am sick of seeing doctors for weird tendon or hard to diagnose pain issues. Pray for healing and doctor wisdom. I really want to play competitive basketball again since I’m only 37.

    • Since my last update, my left foot has continued giving me real issues regularly. It’s slowly been getting worse since last year. I’m in PT for the foot and it’s helping! I’m also ready to lose the weight I’ve put back on and get back to shooting some serious hoops. Prayer for my body to heal would be appreciated. I will testing the waters with basketball in the coming weeks and my main concern is how my back will react.

    • Let’s see, I lost the weight by the end of 2010 that I wanted to…put back on 10 pounds in 2011 when my back went out for about 3 weeks and then my left foot developed plantar faciitis. I’ve been playing basketball since late last year successfully except for the month or so dealing with my back and foot lately. Sp prayers are now for losing the weight and continuing on down to 190 by years end.

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