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Silly, Silly, Silly

This is the place for all those interesting comments that don’t seem to fit into any category.  Keep it clean, keep it fun, keep it…odd.


12 Responses

  1. Okay, why is snow so awesome when looking over a landscape, but when looked at up close it’s like WOW, snowflakes are even more cool? When we see these types of things we want to pick them up and take them home. WHY DO THEY HAVE TO MELT? It’s a cruel joke, pretty crystal, wet water, ouch.

  2. I think the person who invented the jigsaw puzzle enjoyed picking up rocks and trying to find from where they fell.

  3. As a Christian I find it silly how the aspiring American Idol that cannot sing a lick gets so distraught over being told the truth. I know that I’m only supposed to put my hope in Jesus, that way I’ll never be disappointed. I guess that’s not that silly after all.

  4. It’s silly how gravity fails to take warm blood down to my toes in the wintertime. My skin is too tight, I know!

  5. Sunday Christians (those who only go to church and live like heathens otherwise) are silly. They are like a fried egg that is still inside it’s shell. They have not ever truly been changed.

  6. My son comes in the bedroom at 7am and asks if he can watch TV downstairs. We say yes. 10 mintues later he is back upstairs, excited, very excited…..”At 2pm today it will be 70, it will be a new record. At 2pm, a new record will happen, it will be 70 degrees!”
    My son, instead of cartoons, he prefers the Weather Channel. That’s my boy, Tornado Week is like giving him candy.

  7. Do you think they have “American” restaurants in China?

  8. People who can’t make their own decisions about something and rely on someone else’s definitions are silly.

  9. Why do we work so hard to grow nice green grass that 1) just wants to die and NOT be green and 2) cannot defend itself against weeds? We should just try to grow yards full of wildflowers and weeds. Better yet, cover the yard with astroturf. With all the money spent on fertilizer, lawn mowers and gas I think it would work out okay.

  10. It’s silly to let Christmas time be a source of stress. Think about it.

  11. With the number of hooded sweatshirts that are recalled due to drawstring “strangulation hazards” (yes, seriously) it’s a wonder stores can sell rope. How about shoes? Necklaces? Think about it.

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