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Is There a Line Anymore?

Judges 21:25 says “In those days Israel had no king; everyone did as he saw fit.

Historians will tell you that we must never forget the past, for when we do, we will surely repeat the mistakes of old. Have you ever personally done this? I know we can look through history and see example after example of people and countries trying to do the same thing that had already failed them once before. Maybe you know of some specific examples?

Today I’m challenged considering how over history, when people abandon God’s plan, they always end up coming back to God and begging for forgiveness. It does not fail. Over and over the Israelites went through this crazy cycle. Many people also personally go through this cycle of fighting God’s plan in their lives only to come to the foot of the cross in repentance when they realize the folly of their “own plan”.

So, how does this statement, “everyone did as he saw fit” from Judges, which is the very last verse of the entire book, become relevant today? In the USA I see this mentality becoming the norm. Don’t you? Nobody is allowed to tell anyone they are wrong. There are riots over the simplest things. The Satanic Temple is suing over a Nativity Scene, really! (1) Where is the line to be drawn? It must be drawn! We know this from history and we delude ourselves if we think it will not keep moving.Crossing-the-Line-300x191

The government in the USA is by the people, for the people and of the people. Too many of us do not care, and we are seeing the results. Believe it or not LAW is not TRUTH. Law is made my man; Truth comes from God. Laws change, truth does not. Argue about this fact all you want, but it’s true.

Everyone does as they see fit, and if they cannot, they throw a tantrum. So many of us are like whiny, undisciplined kids! Think about it! No one acts as a parent anymore, we all just run around with not an ounce of self-control and look where we are today. If you are thinking that things are great and so much better, you are one of those undisciplined kids who has truly missed the big picture. I’m so sorry.

When Israel got done whining about not having a King like all the rest of the countries around them (envy), God relented so they could learn a lesson. Israel ended up being split into 2 kingdoms, Judah and Israel, wars were aplenty, then came Persian and Babylonian enslavements, and the list goes on and on. All they had to do was trust in the Truth God presented. It IS that simple.

Is there a line anymore? Absolutely, so many of us just can’t see it, or chose to ignore it. It’s not okay to think everything should be okay; lines must be drawn or else everyone will continue walking off the cliff of ignorance.

(1) http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/acts-of-faith/wp/2015/04/07/satanic-temple-sues-indiana-county-over-courthouse-nativity-scene/


Many ask, “Why?”

whyWhy? Why do we often make the same mistake twice? Three times?

Why do we chant the mantra, “I won’t make that mistake again!”?

And…of course we often DO make that mistake again.

This line of thinking ties in well with scripture from the Book of Kings (I & II). I say Book of Kings since it is one continuous scroll that was broken up into section I & II.  (That’s your Bible study tidbit for the day)

Just as we often make the same mistakes over and over, the Israelites repeatedly turn away from God as if, maybe….THIS time God won’t notice! The idea of, “Don’t make other gods and idols to worship” seems pretty simple right? Teaching the kids to understand and obey the same Word of God as you were taught seems like it should be somewhat easy, right? AHHH, that is where we find the divide.

The next generation will always look to exist and “create” the world in their own image. The next generation almost always views the past generation with that, “I cannot believe you are that stupid” attitude.  Of course, this theory isn’t a blanket statement, but it’s pretty accurate, afterall, I’ve thought like this before. It’s not an unknown scenario to me at all. How about you?

So, back to the Israelites. Turn away from God…get punished/exiled/burned to a crisp…repent and ask for forgiveness….learn your lesson….live in righteousness….turn away from God….over and over the big wheel keeps on turnin’. (note: if you were one that was burned to a crisp, your wheel DID stop turning.)

So, today we deal with the idea that the past generation’s religious practices are worthless in some way, or maybe we think that religion itself is worthless since the past generation may have embraced it. This thought process falls in line with what the Bible says, and what the Bible predicts.

In my own life, God was there, I turned away, I lived on my own, my way wasn’t so good (I’ll skip the details), God found me, I repented, I sure hope I don’t abandon where I’m at currently! WHEEL, please stop turning….!

Why? Why? Why? Why isn’t faith enough sometimes? Heck the Israelites were there, they saw it happen, heard the voice of God and they forgot too! Pick yourself up, realize that we WILL lose faith at times, AND recall that God told us that this would happen so that we could better deal with it today!  Do we really have to make the same mistake over and over?